Company Profile About Us Our company, TECME SA , is in charge of the design, development, manufacturing and sale of medical ventilators for adults, children and newborns. More than forty years ago, Ernesto Mañá, a Thoracic Surgeon, and his brother Luis, when they started to investigate this kind of equipment, they chose NEUMOVENT to represent the attempted utility. At present, these medical ventilators are found in all the hospitals in Argentina and some other countries in the world. The company has obtained the certificate ISO 9001of quality. During the manufacturing of the medical ventilators we have adopted high-tech processes as well as the incorporation of the newest medical, electronics and pneumatics design tendencies on this field. The remarkable success of TECME SA is reflected in our progress and sale of equipment that has been used and attended for years. In addition, is very important the capacity we have developed to offer novel applications and designs as well as our great dedication to achieve the users' gratification and our intention of obtaining completed quality in a permanent way. This background proves that our company has adequate capability and knowledge to make medical ventilators that comply with our clients' expectations on quality and reliability.