Company Profile ... our quality is your success! TECHNOCLONE develops, manufactures and distributes over 300 diagnostic products for clinical diagnostics and research in the field of coagulation, fibrinolysis , thrombosis and haemostasis for more than 20 years. With Ceveron® alpha (www., a fully automated coagulation analyzer, the portfolio has been completed. Ceveron® alpha is not only a coagulation analyzer for clotting, photometric and immunological, latex based coagulation tests but also offers the unique feature of fluorimetric measurement in the routine as it is demanded for Technothrombin® TGA a new Thrombin generation test for the determination of thrombophilic tendency, the monitoring of FVIII inhibitor bypass therapies and anticoagulation therapies. Another innovation is the Ceveron® MFU 500, a micro particle filtration unit which can identify micro particles thombogenicity in conjunction with the assay Technothrombin® MP.