About Us TAUNS' mission is to help all people live safely and comfortable by providing unique in vitro diagnostics and analytical reagents which TAUNS develops via continuous effort of research and development. TAUNS will continuously enforce tight regulatory control, deliver the new product and improve the existing product via highquality control for our global customers. Current main products are rapid test(Influenza, Adenovirus,RS virus, Strep Aand M.Tuberculosis/TB) and ELISA test(MAC). June, 1987 Founded in Numazu, Shizuoka to research and develop IVD, analytical reagents and those development systems. November, 1987 Establish Tokyo office. Start sales operation. April, 1994 Move to New Headquarters February, 2001 Construct new Numazu IVD factory August, 2007 Relocation of Headquarters to Futaba-cho May, 2012 Construct Kamishima IVD factory July, 2012 Relocation of Headquarters to Kamishima 1) Research and Development of pharmaceutical, IVD, cosmetics and food products and services 2) Manufacturing and sales of above services and products 3) Funded research 4) Consultation in technology development and product development 5) Import and export of Drug and medicine, In vitro diagnostics, cosmetics, drug for animals, uasi drugs, medical devices 6) Others