Company Profile About us Keep Wounds Moist in an Optimal Condition Based on our specialty and technology, our goal is to cater for professional and consumer medical needs in wound care, providing patients a safe, comfortable and effective solution to help the problem. Company profile Established in 1918 and headquartered in Taipei, Tatung Company has evolved into a conglomerate from its substantial heritage. From its inception, Tatung has abided by its founding values of “Integrity, Honesty, Industry, and Frugality”. The Company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) under the trading code of 2371. In order to step into the medical industry, Tatung Co., set up a dedicated unit, Bio-Medical Center in 2011. Following prudential evaluation, we select hydrogel wound dressing as our cornerstone product. We hope our advanced technology in conjunction with the complete supply chain in Taiwan, we can make a big success in the medical field. In year 2008, the global wound dressing market reached to USD 13 billion, it is expected that it will exceed USD 17 billion in year 2015. The occlusive dressing that was first introduced in the UK in 1982 was hydrocolloid dressing. Over recent years, many new dressings have appeared on the market, i.e. alginate dressing, absorbent dressing, paste dressing, bead dressing and powder dressing, etc. Most of them all claim good exudate absorption capacity.The wound dressing manufacturers in Taiwan confront the competitions from different countries, including China. In order to upgrade ourselves, Taiwanese companies now focus their R&D on moist wound dressings and biomedical wound dressings. Taiwan has complete supply chain in this field, therefore we have the competitive advantage on the wound dressing industry.Currently, Biomedical Center endeavors in wound care products development and production. Our plant is located in the headquarter of Tatung Co., Taipei, Taiwan. We work closely with many other companies, R&D centers, as well as hospitals’ clinicians. With a variety of innovative hydrogel technologies, platforms, we have produced a series of wound dressings under own brand Xper. Besides, we also provide toll manufacturing to potential customers globally.Xper wound dressing series would like to provide patients not only best quality, but also affordable price to use them.Our vision is to integrate Chinese, western medicine and transdermal absorption altogether for future product development. Besides, continuing improvement products’ quality and function is Biomedical Center’s commitment.