Taiwan Powder Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile About US Taiwan Powder Technologies (TPT) is a professional metal injection molding (MIM) manufacturer. TPT was established in December 2001 by a team of engineers. With their creative thinking, experience, and R&D capabilities, TPT has become the leading MIM manufacturer in Taiwan. At TPT we work hard on our R&D and supply chain management. We also work closely with local university for new alloy developments and new manufacturing processes. Because of our engineers’ creative thinking and our R&D department supports, our clients are now able to create more innovative solutions, such as parts consolidation and new designs. In addition, because of our strong supply chain management, high quality TPT products are delivered within a short period of time to meet the requirements of fast-paced 3C industries. Our current equipment includes 17 injection molding machines, 3 debinding furnaces, 5 vacuum furnaces, and 2 kneaders. Our quality system is certified by ISO 9001, and we are working toward TS 16949 in this coming future. Plant Area: 5,000m² (53,820 ft2) Capital: US$9,300,000