Company Profile Supplier of cast, splint and Advanced wound dressings T&L Pioneers the comfortable future of human life through creative ideas to consideration of nature. With professional competence, we can always offer you the high quality products and competitive prices over the world. Since the establishment in 1998, we have been manufacturing and supplying high quality synthetic casting tapes and splints in about 30 countries. Also, we'rebecoming awell-knownmanufacture and supplier ofadvanced moist wound dressings in high quality. Currently, hydrocolloid, foam(self adhesive, non adhesive, Border(Island) type),alginate andHydrogle dressingare produced for domestic and overseas market. Also, we've launched Hydrogel burn spray recently. We also have silicone dressing for scar care management. Not only finished goods but also roll goods are available in hydrocolloid, foam and alginate dressings.