Company T. Factory 1970 is an Italian company specialized in the distribution of Defibrillator Cabinet, with the widest range of solutions for the management of the chain of survival. The company consists of a group of collaborators who have expertise in the technical and medical sector: the experience has led us to develop an innovative Italian technology for the management of a PAD project: an effective warning system (Mobile App) allows to alert thousands of rescuers in case of SCA, lets users locate their nearest AED on a map, to alert the Emergency Response System, besides having a remote control system when a technical problem of the AED is detected and a software with reminder function to manage the AED's deadlines. T. Factory 1970 offers customized solutions for PAD Project, that will help to strengthen all the links in the chain of survival and save lives. The company is oriented to find new dealers: our trained professional staff is ready to help you with all your questions.