Synthesia a.s. Company profile: Synthesia, a.s. is a major European manufacturer active in the area of speciality chemicals, backed up by 95 years of tradition. In our premises of an area of 4.4 km2 we employ 1630 employees. Total annual sales in 2014 achieve approximately 135 million EUR. Our business activities are targeted at three market segments: advanced organic intermediates, cellulose derivatives (incl. veterinary, medical and surgical use) and pigments & dyestuffs. Synthesia, a.s. is divided into four SBUs (Strategic Business Units) – SBU Pigments and Dyes, SBU Organic Chemistry (Organics), SBU Nitrocellulose and SBU Power Engineering. Each SBU operates a part of Synthesia’s product portfolio. From the medical point of view, BU (Business Unit) Oxycellulose, as part of SBU Nitrocellulose, is a direct leading Czech manufacturer of oxidized cellulose based haemostatic products, with 25 years of experience. For more information about the medical portfolio, please visit For more information about the company’s portfolio, please visit the Company Profile at Products: Synthesia is a global manufacturer of oxidised cellulose for biomedical and technical use. The company’s products are marketed under the registered OKCEL® trademark. Synthesia manufactures and sells oxidised cellulose in several different physical forms (flexible textile, powder, compound materials, etc.) and is able to offer various chemical modifications. Synthesia is able to customise its OKCEL® products to meet individual customer requirements. OKCEL® product portfolio can be divided into two main groups. Products of flat forms are professional haemostatics serving to control the bleeding in the internal environment of the human body during various extensive surgery procedures. Hemostasis is achieved within 3 minutes and the degradation of the product is complete after 21st days after implantation. Powder products are semi-products for manufacturing the final haemostatics in forms of spray or films with different functions. Link to further Information: