Company Profile Swisstom makes lung function visible without x-rays Swisstom AG, located in Landquart, Switzerland, develops and manufactures innovative medical devices. Our new lung function monitor enables life-saving treatments for patients in intensive care and during general anesthesia. Unlike traditional tomography, Swisstom´s bedside imaging is based on non-radiating principles: Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT). To date, no comparable devices can show such regional organ function continuously and in real-time at the patient’s bedside. Swisstom's EIT modules are made to integrated easily into vital-signs monitors, critical care ventilators and anaesthesia machines to show regional lung function in real-time. We are happy to help you with the integration - call us today to find out more. Downloads: Swisstom BB2 SwisstomBB2_Brochure_GB_2ST100-112_Rev.001.pdf