Company Profile We are the first and only factory for manufacturing absorbable and nonabsorbable surgical sutures in Jordan and for some specific type of sutures we are the 3rd manufacturers in the world that are able to successfully produce these types. Our products are very high quality in fact it is matching if not exceeding the quality of the most reputable manufacturers in the world but with very competitive prices. We have started setting up our factory using the best consultants in the world for this field and purchasing the most advanced and up to date machineries and selecting the highest quality for the raw material suppliers and recruiting the most professional and long experienced experts in this industry. At our state of the art facility, we operate with a quality assurance system, based on written procedures, exhaustive in process controls and a meticulous quality plan. An ever attentive technical team along with employee participation monitors manufacturing of sutures from raw materials to finished product stage enabling us to guarantee Product Reliability and Customer Satisfaction. At Sutcon, we have a full in house testing facility to conduct all Chemical, Instrumental and Microbiological Tests. Our commitment to quality is deep rooted in all our activities and is governed by International Quality Management System. All our products are GMP, ISO13485 and CE certified.