Streck Laboratories Inc

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Streck is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of products for clinical and research laboratories. Established in 1971, Streck is one of the industry's earliest pioneers. Streck's founder, Dr. Wayne Ryan, helped develop the first hematology reference controls for automated instruments. Streck's passion for service helps meet the evolving needs of laboratories around the world. Streck's pursuit of innovative solutions has produced an extensive list of patented products.Streck's core technology is cell stabilization. Hematology controls and accompanying support products make up a significant portion of the business. The company also offers immunology, flow cytometry, blood collection tubes and molecular diagnostic products. Streck customers benefit from a free inter-laboratory quality control program known as STATS.Streck control products test the performance and limits of instruments and reagents, helping laboratories meet regulatory and accreditation requirements. The most important characteristics of Streck controls are the stability and physical similarities to real patient samples. Closely resembling patient blood makes it easier for technicians to detect any problems with their processes or instruments.