The use of high-energy light - in other words, lasers - has become an important therapy modality in modern medicine; experts forecast increased demand for laser systems for many different medical applications. Because of our changing food pattern and life styles in combination with our longer life expectancy, deseases such as urinary obstructions (e.g. stones) are expected to increase in the future.

In many cases laser therapy is a much better choice of treatment than a conventional operation, as this can be carried out endoscopically in form of a minimally invasive procedure with least trauma to the patient. StarMedTec GmbH is a young, dynamic company that develops cutting edge medical laser systems for surgical applications - especially in the field of urology, but also for neurophysiology. Skilled staff and many years of experience in the medical laser business are the basis on outstanding expertise in developing, producing, servicing and marketing these new products. "We develop high-quality, but affordable laser systems which are extremely effective and can be used for many different applications," is how Managing Director Dr. Falkenstein explains the marketing strategy. In the area of laser urology, a relevant field for the new company, StarMedTec is among the top ten providers worldwide.