Company Profile Stansomatic A/S The company Stansomatic A/S, headquartered at Kornmarken 25, 7190 Billund, was founded on March 1970, by Knud Erik Bahnsen. The was firm started, at Lindevej 6B in Billund, with a single punching machine with very few facilities available (approx 120 m2). The first production was af tubular rivets for Elwis, a fittings firm. In 1973, the procuction picked up speed and plastic injection moulding was also added to the production programme, and for this, the production facilities were doubled to 240 m². In 1976, the business moved to Kløvermarken 106. Since then it has expanded a number of times, to the point where the covered area was 1200 m². The plastic injection moulding division was sold in January 1992 to JGM Plastic A/S, in Billund. In 1994, the conditions became too cramped and a completely new factory of over 2400 m² was built at Kornmarken 25. In early 2004 a further expansion increased the production facilities to over 4000 m². The firm currently has about 50 employees and produces approx. 300 million punched parts annually. The parts, which are produced in fully automatic punching machines, consist of all types of metal and steel in thicknesses of from 0.08 mm to approx. 2 mm. We currently export to Brasil, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, China, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Poland, Hungary, USA, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Germany. The company is a family-owned joint-stock company with Grethe Bahnsen as the main shareholder and the children Helle, Mette and Søren as additional shareholders.