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Support of unstable critically ill patients is a demanding and time consuming job, whether in the intensive care unit or the operating theatre. The Proxima bedside blood gas measurement system has been designed to give a rapid turnaround of results without leaving the patient.

The Proxima system is integrated into the patient’s arterial line, operating as a closed system.During the measurement procedure, the user draws blood into the Proxima Sensor using a closed sampler device. Once the sample has been analysed, all blood is returned to the patient. Proxima supports blood conservation best practice, aiming to reduce the risks of patient anaemia and thereby avoiding unnecessary blood transfusions.

Another key advantage of using a closed system for measurement is that it supports infection control practices. There is no need to open the arterial line and risks of blood splash injury for the carer are avoided. Furthermore, measurement directly at the patient bedside stops the transport of potentially infectious material around critical care areas, a particular concern with the infectious isolated patient.

See below how using the Proxima system can help in the care of specific patient groups in critical care.

Glycaemic control

Advanced respiratory support

Cardiac surgery

Isolated patients