SPECTARIS e.V. Deutscher Industrie- verband für optische, medizinische und mechatronische Technologien

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Company Profile Welcome to SPECTARIS! SPECTARIS is the German Industry Association for Optical, Medical and Mechatronical Technologies. It was founded in 1881 and is located in Berlin. The members span a vast array of industries but share a common feature that is they are rapidly developing and are on the cutting edge of technology. The Association can be divided into three main branches. Each branch is headed by an experienced project manager and is managed according to the needs of the companies in the particular branch. Consumer Optics Photonics + Precision Technology Medical Technology Chairmanship Michael Koller MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik GmbH Our Mission is to represent and promote the interests of our member companies on a national, European and world-wide scale. SPECTARIS is dedicated to its members needs by providing leadership and excellent services through its team of professional and committed staff. SPECTARIS works to shape policies and influence decision-making in a way that develops and protects members' interests and contributes to the development and maintenance of an economy that promotes enterprise and productive employment. The Association's core services for the member companies lie in the following activities: lobbying / industry promotion, statistics / market research, technology consultation / research promotion, foreign trade marketing / export promotion.

Werderscher Markt 15,
10117 Berlin
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