Our mission - To inspire the world to bring the best care experience to patients and families. Spacelabs Healthcare provides equipment for Patient Monitoring, Diagnostic Cardiology, Anaesthetics and Cardiac Defibrillation. We are a worldwide company founded during the Space Programme in 1958. Our Defibrillator business comes from the aquisition of Metrax GmbH in 2014, bringing the very successful Primedic brand into the Spacelabs family. 2015 sees our firstcombined presentation at Medica.

We are proud of our track record of innovative 'firsts' in all of our product lines. We will be showingour history and current innovations this week, and would be delighted to discuss them with you. This year, we will be showing, demonstrating and running events for- - Xhibit Telemetry system,Alarm Assurance and newversions of our Patient Monitors - Sentinel 10 EKG data management for Cardiology across the care continuum - Our award-winning Arkon anaesthetic machine - New features across theproduct range of Primedic Heartsave and Defimonitor, with remote data access