About Us For more than 30 years, BK Ultrasound solutions have been used to improve the practice of medicine in procedure-driven markets such as urology and surgery. BK Ultrasound is part of Analogic Corporation, recognized around the world for advanced imaging and real-time guidance technologies used for disease diagnosis and treatment, as well as for automated threat detection. BK Ultrasound-branded, award-winning systems and unique transducer designs offer unsurpassed imaging capabilities that enable real-time image guidance in easy-to-use, portable platforms. BK Ultrasound systems and transducers address the specialized needs and clinical challenges of physicians worldwide. Our Sonix-branded diagnostic ultrasound systems are designed to make ultrasound easy to use in more areas of patient care. With a simple workflow and customizable user interface, Sonix systems are ideal for point-of-care applications such as anesthesia, emergency medicine, MSK, and reproductive medicine.