Company Profile Sonoring Germany The philosophy of Sonoring Germany New era in ultrasound-diagnostics. In the mid 80s the ultrasound diagnostics moved out of its pioneer stage thanks to sophisticated systems and the introduction of colour-duplex technology. The application potentialities were countless and the equipment could be amortised within a foreseeable period. Naturally everyone wanted to have their share of the profitable business. Many companies entered the market, many disappeared and several remained. Everything Clear? But how should an individual resident doctor, or for example a buyer in a hospital find a reliable company and the suitable equipment at an acceptable price? The solution came in 1991, under The motto “Together we are strong” the Sonoring Germany was founded as a merger of independent ultrasound – equipment specialists. Mass with class! Due to nation-wide collective purchasing “Sonoring Germany” has been able to achieve unbeatable favourable price advantages, which they pass on directly to their customers. Whereby, only the world-wide leading manufactures are considered, who guarantee service over a long period and so securing a safe and long – term investment. Market overview guaranteed in Sonoring showrooms In order to offer the best possible comparison before making an investment, nation-wide showrooms have been set up in which the different types of ultrasound – equipment can be compared. Sonoring Germany respects the high value of objectivity and independence of manufacturers. In addition to a wide – range of various new equipment in all price sectors, Sonoring Germany has the largest available used – equipment pool in Europe. The independent companies, who joined together in a nation-wide organisation, guarantee an exhaustive sales and service – network, an enormous selection of ultrasound – equipment, nearness to customer, local competence, as well as attractive finance – modules. Therefore: Practical test is good – direct comparison is better! Equipment selection and direct comparison is available anytime at your Sonoring - Showroom, by appointment even on Saturday.