Leading 3D Surgical Vision System Provider After starting business in diagnostic medical video systems in 1989 with the company name of MIKKY International, Sometech has broaden its experiences in medical industry to be a total solution supplier while providing specialized medical systems such as Laser Instruments, Radio Frequency Surgical Devices, Electro-comprehensive Therapy Devices, Body Fatness Analyzers, and Electroencephalogram-composition Devices. From the end of 1996, to improve domestic market situation from the tendency of the import-oriented medical industry, Sometech tried to localize medical camera systems, promising medical instruments that have potential market in near future, and matched to our know-how. And in September of 1997, Sometech finally could release completely localized medical camera systems to the market and gained resounding response. With confidence and assertiveness, Sometech proceeded to invest in R&D and upgrade its products even during the harsh economic recession (so-called IMF era) that caused many companies to be suffered from financial difficulties. On the contrary, Sometech saw its profits increase sharply and steadily and became firmly established in its field, extending its product lines and laboratory and gaining various intellectual property rights related with medical equipments. In June 2001, Sometech could gain international certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and EN 46001 which laid the groundwork for advancing into the world market. In addition, Sometech has had good reputation for product quality and technology by gaining each product standard certificates such as MOH(Japan), CE(Europe), and FDA(USA) as well as KFDA(Korea). Utilizing its experience with medical camera systems, Sometech has succeeded in the business of high frequency surgical devices, industrial camera systems and skin & hair camera systems, to be awarded to “Million Dollar Export Prize” and “Most Promising Venture Business Prize” in 2001, to “Ministers’ Prize for Commerce, Industry & Energy” and to “Prime Minister’s Prize”. Being registered on the KOSDAQ(Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation) in July of 2003, Sometech is dashing toward its goal of becoming the nation's leading company.