Laboratoire du Solvirex: Company Profile Created in 1933, the Laboratoire du Solvirex develops since more than 80 years highly natural and hypoallergenic products for the medical world. The first revolutionnary product created by Solvirex is a highly stable hypoallergenic liquid soap made with coconut oil via a traditional saponifacation process,without addition of preservative agent, dye and perfume. The Laboratoire du Solvirex manufactures nowadays4 product ranges : 1/ products for body hygiene dedicated to hospitals The Solvirexproducts for body hygiene aremainly made of natural products without perfume, dye and preservative agent and conditioned, if requested, in hygienic or sterile packaging (sterile single doses 10 or 45ml, single dose in breakable patch, vials with airless pump,…); our key products: Solviclean : 10ml and 45ml sterile single dose of natural liquid soap, made of coconut oil, for baby washing, pre-operation toilet,… Solviclick : 4.5ml breakable patch containing natural liquid soap (other volumes on demand) Filmagene : hand protecting cream in airless tube 2/ medical devices Soloptic : antifog solution for endoscope 3/ custom made cosmetic products Solvirex has a more than 80 years knowhow in the cosmetic sector and is able to manufacture specific products with unique properties Our bestsellers are: - anti lice shampoos - anti lice lotions - anti-lice repellent solutions without neurotoxic agents, containing only natural active agents 4/ disinfection solutionsfor air and surface sanitation Our disinfectant solutions dedicated to air and surface sanitation are manufactured with Ultra Pure Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid as main components. The Laboratoire du Solvirex is certified ISO 9001 (2001:2008) and ISO 13485 (2003:2012) and has received in 2014 from French Ministry of Economy the label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, rewarding French companies for the excellence of their traditional and industrial skills.