Company Profile softgate - medical imaging From the beginning, softgate has been working on the topics of Medical Informatics. Over the years, the team has built up the excellent skills in this field. Imagine today's medical environment without computer technology! This technology enabled many modern developments, e.g. computer tomography. However, computer-aided procedures also revolutionized radiography, and medical diagnostics have been improved by many methods of digital imaging clearly. This is only one out of many of softgate's complex solutions. Connecting Medical Devices to the World of DICOM In the course of workflow optimization and increased networking in healthcare, the DICOM standard is finding its way into new fields of application. Mainly known from radiology so far, digital imaging and DICOM communication is spreading into e.g. endoscopy, microscopy, ophthal-mology, or dermatology. Innovative manufacturers of medical devices are now facing the challenge of providing interfaces needed for DICOM communication to these devices. This challenge cannot be met without specific expertise. softgate’s solution DICOMconnect permits medical devices a comfortable connection to the world of DICOM.Manufacturers thus spare the familiarization with the complex DICOM standards as well as a time-consuming development of their own interface solution. DICOMconnect expands imaging software systems by a DICOM interface. The focus is in user-friendliness and easy integration. As a user, you will not need in-depth DICOM knowledge. Being a universal interface solution, DICOMconnect will work platform independent using Windows, Linux, or Mac.