Company Profile Soehnle Industrial Solutions GmbH Without gravity, no equilibrium sense, no balancing act, no speeding-up from 0 to 100 in 5, 3 seconds, no precise 40-metre-passes in the opposing penalty area – and no scales. These are reasons for us why we highly value the special force of gravity of the earth. We measure the impacts of gravity and the weights of nearly everything since 1868, since the foundation of the company Soehnle in Murrhardt, Germany. Today, Soehnle Professional is one of the leading companies in the sector of professional measurement technique and weighing technology. Besides our standard products for Trade, Commerce und Industry as well as Medical, Health and Well-being, we offer you almost every special development – tailor-made according to your individual requirements. For example, you find special developments, weight technology and sensor technology of Soehnle Professional in the check-in-area of nearly every European airport, in many industrial companies, at important parcel services, in food industries, or in hospitals. All over the world - where precise measurement is required.