Company Profile SMC - YOUR PARTNER IN INDUSTRY EFFICIENT SOLUTIONS SMC Pneumatik GmbH is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electric automation technology and your partner for customised solutions. The company is a part of the SMC Corporation, which has around 17,400 employees worldwide. Listed on the Japanese stock exchange, the company has subsidiaries in 82 countries with almost 400 sales centres. In the fiscal year 2014/2015, the SMC Corporation generated sales of approximately EUR 3.3 billion, of which up to EUR 127 million were invested in research and development. Headquartered in Egelsbach near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, SMC Pneumatik GmbH has been active in the German market for more than 37 years and currently has a workforce of 659 employees. With twelve sales offices nationwide, and over 350 experienced sales representatives, SMC offers its customers one of the largest support teams in Germany. SMC has extensive technical expertise and has earned an outstanding reputation in all industries such as automotive, food, energy, electronics, photovoltaics, packaging and life science. In terms of quality and the environment, SMC achieves the highest standards. SMC's range of products includes products for air treatment, valves and throttles, actuators (pneumatic and electric), screw joints and hoses, as well as vacuum and instrumentation components.