About us WHY CHOOSE......SMART GLOVE? - Because SMART GLOVE is committed to working and growing with you and your business. Our manufacturing facilities is equipped with the state of the art equipment and R&D facilities. - Because our quality products meet or exceed stringent quality standards of ISO 9001, US FDA, ASTM Standards, Canadian MDR, TUV, European Standards (CE), Australian TGA and etc. - Because we offer a wide range of Synthetic and Natural Rubber gloves for a variety of applications. Our gloves are widely used in the Medical and Critical Environments as well as in the Industrial, Food and Household Environment. - Because production of gloves is in TWO Fully Equipped and High-Tech Manufacturing Facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia respectively. - Because SMART GLOVE is backed by experienced and committed personnel to ensure only products that meet customers' expectations are delivered. WHERE QUALITY......IS A SYNONYM: Innovative products such as SUPERSOFT NITRILE Gloves that create a feel like rubber gloves, high quality CLEANROOM Gloves and SURGICAL Gloves, place SMART GLOVE on the world map as a quality and exceptional producer of both natural and synthetic rubber gloves. All gloves are manufactured under GMP and ISO 9001 Quality System and conform to International Quality Standards.