Company Profile SL-Medizintechnik Producer MAGNETOVITAL Magneticfield-Therap We are company with destination in Baden-Württemberg - Germany. Our production is conzentrating in producing magneticfield therapy systems in different versions. Certainly our products are certificated in germany. Pulsating magnetic-field therapy is a regulating therapy, applied to support presently known traditional therapies. With this kind of a therapy, a pulsating direct current magnetic field is generated in spools, which are fitted in a mattrass. Because of the different frequencies the body reacts in such a way, that in the case of chronical deseases a meaningfull support of classic therapies is generated. The theory of pulsating magnetic field therapy says, when blood circulation and cell metabolism are working properly, there would be hardly any chance for chronical deseases to appear. This means, that the major task of the pulsating magnetic field therapy is to stimulate blood circulation and cell metabolism. We also produce your own label.