Skannex AS - Bioassay Reader Systems About Skannex Skannex is an innovative Norwegian technology company founded in 2006. Skannex offer proprietary OEM software and instruments for image capture and analysis of colorimetric responding test devices like lateral-flow rapid tests and line-blots. The Skannex software is adaptable to fit most availabe tests in todays market. The system comes with a R&D reader platform to use during test development and production QC routines. Skannex aims to fill the industries need for affordable, rapid and automatic reader solution with focus on lateral flow assays. Skannex major markets are China, EU and USA. Skannex offers cost efficient software and instruments which meet regulatory requirements with features outcompeting other players by: • ease of use • multiple tests read in parallell • flexibility for physical shape of cassette and test signal area(s) • outstanding application service Markets andProducts Skannex offers flexible reader solutions to be used with virtually almost any Lateral Flow Immunoassays and Line-Blot single strips. We have partners worldwide in different fields like food/feed & agricultural industry, veterinary diagnostics as well as in thein human vitro diagnostic and drug-of-abuse test industry. We can also implement software solutions for other platforms than lateral flow like e.g. micro arrays. Today, Skannex can offer a variety of reader solutions based on its proprietary software platform. The common denominator is Skannex Software, which supports a wide range of reader systems: SkanMulti CE A reader system based on Skannex downloadable software. Customer can build their own instrument enabled by OEM-ing of SkanMulti software. Skannex can make advices with respect to favoruable components to be used. SkanFlexi CE, CFDA Desktop instrument. Scanner, PC and software built into one unit. SkanSmart CE Portable solution. Smartphone based handheld instrument. Skannex Software will analyze lateral flow devices using any mix of qualitative and quantitative assays. Report, printouts and a powerful database of results are all provided. Connectivity is an imprtant feature of all Skannex products. The key to Skannex software is a proprietary barcode (Patent Pending). The barcode contains all information required to process the cassette, including product ID, lot number, expiration, and instructions on how the cassette is to be processed: quantitative,semi-quantitative or qualitative. Our Policy and Business model Skannex is offering proprietary softwareas well as instrument enabled by our software. Our business model is the sale of our productstowards industry partners, who then incorporate Skannex reader solution for their tests. Our partner market and sell the total solution to their customers. This B2B concept allows Skannex to remain focused on its core businesses of software development and allows great flexibility in co-branding and co-designing the end user applications and products, as well as utilizing a very interactive distribution model. Our license agreement enables you to resell and re-distribute the license using your own terms and condition towards your customers. Our policy is that a partnership should rely on very low start-up costs for all parties involved. Our solution is the most cost effective instrument solution available, and by far the most flexible.