About us Sixtus Italia is a company that has worked in the physio & sport medicine sector for more than 40 years, with the target of offering the maximum physical well-being to its customers through prevention and rehabilitation. In order to achieve its target, Sixtus Italia provides the international market with carefully selected and guaranteed products which enable them to offer its customers a comprehensive service. A constant cooperation with skilled technicians Sixtus Italia to be a competent professional partner and to guarantee to customers the possibility of being constantly up-date. Sixtus leadership in its sector is well attested by the fact that in sports - in addition to the Federation of Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, American Football and Pugilistic, and extraordinary athletes as Valentina Vezzali - has a partnership with the most part of football clubs in serie A and B, a lot of clubs in Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Cycling, Hockey, Football etc. Sixtus gets behind them in all aspects relating to the health, wellness, prevention and recovery from injury. Every day we do our best to search for innovative products and solutions for our customers. We believe that to remain competitive, it is necessary to look around and make continuous improvements-, so speak the founders of the company and this is the spirit with which Sixtus has worked forover 40 years.