Company Profile About us SOUTH INDIA SURGICAL COMPANY LTD., is one of the Pioneer companies in the Surgical Industry in India. SOUTH INDIA SURGICAL COMPANY LTD., popularly known as SISCO has been engaged in manufacturing of quality Surgical Instruments for the past 6 decades. SISCO's primary aim is to maintain its quality in all its products. The company manufactures a wide range of Surgical Instruments for General Surgery, Cardio-Vascular, Neuro, Urology, Plastic Surgery, Gynaecology, Tungsten Carbide range and Minimal Invasive surgery. SISCO is a firm believer of the principle that behind every successful surgery, an experienced hand alongwith appropriate tool is pre-requisite and significance of both are inseparable SISCO maintains consistent quality of the highest order in meeting out the requirements and need of its customers. Apart from manufacturing Surgical Instruments, SISCO undertakes re-constrcution and alterations of the Instruments to meet the exact reformation of the Surgeon.