Sinapi biomedical Sinapi develops and manufactures disposable medical devices. The two areas of focus are chest drainage systems and urinary drainage. Sinapi also contract manufactures products for other companies. The Chest Drain range ( differentiates itself by its innovativeness, simplicity and compactness while addressing all the required monitoring parameters required during chest drainage. It is well documented that earlier patient mobility increases patient outcome - the Sinapi Chest Drain is small, lightweight and can be orientated in any way thereby enabling greater and faster ambulation. The state of the art suction bulb and one-way valve increases drainage efficiency giving clinicians the ability to see see whether negative pressure is maintained in the mediastinal or pleural space (drainage is complete). It is much simpler and easier for nursing staff to manage. The Urine Meter was developed with the assistance of ICU nursing sr's, taking ease of use and infection control into consideration. Itis a high quality and strong urine meter with an innovative drainage tap (germ-guard), a large rigid drainage holder (580ml) and it can measure as accurate as 1ml at a time.