About Us Silvermedia Ltd . is an innovative,leading manufacturer of bespoke telemedicine platforms and applications, which address the needs of various medicine domains. Company has been drawing its strength from scientific background of Silvermedia’s founders and medical experience of physicians, who assist and tune application software on all crucial stages of its development. Today, company’s tools are commonly used in cardiology, audiology, and allergology. Silvermedia has implemented telehealth solutions and ground-breaking research projects in key healthcare centres in Poland, including World’s Hearing Centre of Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing in Kajetany, the Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw and the Institute of Cardiology in Anin. The Silvermedia team consists of about 50 experts, who develop applications powering the development of telemedicine in Poland. Silvermedia combines unique marriage between IT technology and medicine secured via collaboration with reputable specialists in medical domains, which remain within the area of Silvermedia interest, mainly Cardiology, Audiology, Neurology, Geriatrics, Diabetics. The above allows Silvermedia to develop proprietary biosignal analysis algorithms, which contribute into acceleration of diagnosis setting and health abnormalities detection. Company’s driving power is a group of young scientists working on innovative R&D projects. Company participated in several Research & Innovation PF7 Projects, as well as StrategMed Projects where Company was invited by leading Polish medical universities to be either technology supplier or consortia member. Silvermedia has been frequently awarded in the recognition of outstanding achievements. One of the latest awards is an award bestowed by the Centre for Technology Transfer at the Krakow University of Technology and the Office of the Marshall of the Malopolska Province – Innovator of Malopolska 2012. The distinction was given to Silvermedic Cardio WebViewer, a browser-based tool designed to support cardiology diagnostics, described as “an advanced tool enabling the user to remotely display and interpret an ECG graph in a web browser, powered by a cutting-edge algorithm module, itself a unique diagnostic support solution”. Collaboration with equipment manufacturers and integration of these devices with telemedicine platform allows Silvermedia to offer Customers turn-key solutions. Being certified and audited by TUV Nord according to ISO 13458 standards, Silvermedia remains one of very few IT companies in Poland and CEE, who offers quality solutions at affordable prices by vast majority of medical community.