SIGMA MEDICAL SUPPLIES CORP. Sigma Medical Supplies Corp., since 1980, merged by N.S.H. Medical in 1989, is the main division of N.S.H. Medical Group for manufacturing disposable medical products, 40% of our capacity is for export, 60% is for local market. We have two caterogies of products, one is the sterilization packaging products for medical industry and hospital, another one is the I.V. Administration Set, all de-tailed in our home page. N.S.H. Medical Group has been well experienced in importing and agencing medical devices and marking in Taiwan local area for over 25 years, we are the most com-petitive supplier in this field. We now manufacture these items for overseas market and local market, by our long and well experience in medical field, you shall know we surely understand the re-quest from customers, and offer the best service to fulfill customers¡Šdemand. We have been qualified as a GMP manufacturer in Taiwan, and we have ¡§CE mark¡š for the sterilization packaging products. We are supposed to pass the ISO 13485, EN 46002 approval by the end of year 1999. We can be entrusted to build up the closest partnership with our customers orldwide