Company Profile diagnostics with passion sifin diagnostics gmbh offers more than 600 standard products in the area of microbiology and immunology. Beside this we are proud of our flexibility in special requests. We thus provide culture media according to your formulation, or we take care of your cell line. Our monoclonal antibodies may be supplied in your required format as ready-to-use, concentrate or bulk volumes. The company has an excellent reputation thanks to its great flexibility and reliability in the fulfilment of specific customer requests. sifin diagnostics gmbh is a trusted supplier and competent contact for many companies all over the world. Our portfolio: Blood grouping serological products: Bedside cards, ready-to-use reagents, ready-to-use reagents as bulk and concentrates, ready-to-use reagents for blood grouping on PK® instruments Bacteriological test reagents: Shigella diagnostics, Yersinia diagnostics, Salmonella diagnostics, Coli diagnostics Culture media and supplements: dehydrated culture media, supplements and additives, ready-to-use culture media, base materials, detection reagents Immunoassays: detection of rabies virus Monoclonal antibodies: We offer monoclonal antibodies for research or further use in your own technique. Contract manufacturing: blood grouping monoclonal antibodies, production of culture media, bacteriological test reagents may be supplied as bulk reagents. Microbiological system MICRONAUT from MERLIN Diagnostics GmbH: ID and AST in microdilution method