Sidhil is the UK's leading manufacturer of hospital beds and ward furniture, community loan store beds and equipment, GP surgery plinths, couches and furniture, residential/nursing care home beds and furniture, and equipment for daily living. Based in the heart of beautiful Yorkshire, Sidhil is home to a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. All the functions of the company - product development, sales, manufacturing, customer service, and accounts - are housed in our advanced manufacturing facility.

This leads to several key benefits for the customer. Our commitment to UK manufacturing means that we continue to invest in leading edge production technology, such as one of the first 3D laser cutting facilities to be installed in the UK. The use of fast, flexible and accurate technology such as this leads to dramatic improvements in product quality, whilst at the same time giving the company the ability to rapidly shift manufacturing from one product to another to support customer demand. This speed of supply, combined with our commitment to customer service excellence, is the reason Sidhil’s customers remain so loyal. Our location has other benefits: from a logistical point of view we are close to the centre of the UK with easy access to main motorways and rail links, which helps to ensure smooth supply of our products to our customers; and the large population within easy commuting distance - such as Leeds, Manchester, Bradford, Halifax - provides access to a pool of skilled individuals. We also believe that our location helps to tackle an incredibly important issue. All of us are becoming more and more concerned about our environmental footprint, and Sidhil’s ability to shorten the supply chain between you and the manufacturer of your products means that less fuel is used transporting the equipment to you, and that means less carbon dioxide getting into the atmosphere. We are now all familiar with the concept of ‘food miles’; we believe you should pay just as much attention to ‘bed miles’.

The family owned business has been in existence for 110 years. Everyone, from the newest recruit to the Chairman, is dedicated to supporting the healthcare professional, while at the same time Sidhil is part of the privately owned Siddall & Hilton Group of companies, a multimillion pound organisation providing tremendous financial stability. You can meet the team by visitng our blog.