Shenzhen Vivolight Medical Device & Technology Co., Ltd.

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About us Vivolight Medical Device & Technology Co., Ltd. is parttially invested by Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It dedicates to the application of endoscopic OCT and system research and development, therefore builds an innovative mode of production, academy and research, facilitating industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Vivolight and its partners have complete and powerful endoscopic OCT technology research and development, and is currently China's first company with capability to develop a complete cardiovascular OCTimaging system. Our major product lines: Endoscopic OCT system (including swept source OCT, PIU and catheter), Projection Vein Finder. Through technology development and product innovation, we hope to be a first-class professional company providing optical imaging equipment, and make outstanding contributions to our high-end optical medical imaging advancement and life health.