About us SMAF, The QiXin Medical Suction Factory [the Medical Suction Apparatus Factory of SMIC] is an economic entity of designing &developing, manufacturing and marketing medical suction series. There are two categories of 37 products with oily and oil-less vacuum source consisting of high, medium and low vacuum suction apparatus series, covering Series of Electrically Powered Suction Equipment & Series of Manually Powered Suction Equipment & Series of Gynecology Aspirator & Series of Electrically Gastric Lavage Equipment, all of which are inspected and tested according to the requirements given in IEC60601-1. SMAF pays much attention to the human resource especially to technician, applying itself to technology advancement. Due to new materials and technique adopted, series of new products with oil-less piston cylinder vacuum pump keeps ahead interiorly. The parts and components of the suction equipment such as bottle cap with reliable overflow protection device, transparent medical grade non-toxic PVC suction hose and air filter have been improved to offer more satisfactory performances. In the near future a high vacuum suction apparatus of human nature design with super high flowrate of more than 80L/min will be put into market SMAF will go on reciprocating the attention of society and vast numbers of consumers with superior quality, reasonable price and good service and will do its best to make a greater contribution to medical & health undertakings!