Shanghai Fosun Med-Tech Development Co., Ltd. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. is founded in 1994, and in Jul 1998 it successfully got listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock NO. 600196). Focused on modern bio-medicine & health-care industry, Fosun Pharma has formed its core competences in R&D, marketing, M&A, and HR management after years of development, and now it is a large professional pharmaceutical group, mainly in medicine research and manufacturing, with leading market share in medicine distribution, diagnostic products and medical equipments. In China, Fosun Pharma has obtained a leading position in segment markets, ie, hepatic medicines, gynecological medicines, diabetes medicines, clinical diagnostical products, and stomatological therapeutic equipment, etc. In the global market, Fosun Pharma is well known for its anti-malaria medicine and various active pharmaceutical ingredients. At present, taking the advantage of the rapid growth of Chinese medicine industry and generic drug in the European and American mainstream markets, Fosun Pharma pushes forward its innovation, brand, cost and internationalization strategies to realize its robust management and fast development. Looking forward to the future, Fosun Pharma will continue shouldering its social responsibilities, pay attention to the construction of personnel and working team, integrate medicine industry resources, and finally improve its core competence and realize its strategic target of being a first-class enterprise in the global mainstream markets.