Shanghai Aquagel Bio-ploymer Co., Ltd. Technology and lnnovation Shanghai Aqua gel an R D and manufacturing-based pharmaceu-tical company. Founded in 2004,Aqua gel is committed to improving your health and quality of life.Applying the company's propietary technologies and the innovative spirit and team work of its valuable employees Aqua gel has successfully developed many pharmaceufical and consumer products. Aqua gel is on the leading edge of combining the strengths of technology research,product development,manufacturing,and standards of a young and dynamic drug delivery company in this new millennium. Strategy for Golbal Success Aqua gel has been identifying key distributors for partnership to co-develop markets in specific territories worldwide. Aqua gel will customize existing products or develop new products to fulfill local market needs. Supported by its expertise in product development.and its full scale.CE-certifide production facilities, Aqua gel can provide its customers with high quality and flexible selection of standard or private label products. We look forward to your partnership.