Yaohua Group consists of Laiwu Yaohua Pharmaceutical Packing Co., Laiwu Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. Shandong Yaohua and Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. Zibo Yaohua four subsidiaries, namely, high-tech zones in Laiwu, Laiwu City under the town square and the Zibo City. Yaohua Group financial product development, production and sales, with pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices, pharmaceutical glass tubes, plastic packaging complete industrial chain.


Main Pharmaceutical Packaging products: low borosilicate vial, low borosilicate ampoule, grilled word bottles; medicinal glass products: medicinal glass tube; medical equipment products: vacuum blood, venous blood collection needles, automatic urine dry chemistry analyzer, urine dry chemistry test strips, suitable for home use handheld urine analyzer; Plastic packaging products and so on. Now Yaohua Group's total assets of 2.1 billion yuan, the State Food and Drug Administration registered drug packaging materials and medical devices class professional manufacturers, the National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association. Has passed the low borosilicate glass ampoules, bottles control injection, medical glass registered; meridians through the disposable blood collection containers registration card.


Obtained ISO9001 international quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, ISO13485 system certification and CE certification. Products are exported to Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam, America, Southeast Asia and the major pharmaceutical manufacturers. Group currently employs 826 people, including a large, secondary education 460, Group highly pay attention to talent introduction and training, employers focus on ability and integrity, for workers to create space and give full play to the stage. Focus with universities and professional associations, the introduction of professionals.


Met with Laiwu Vocational and Technical College, China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly carry out personnel training, to promote the implementation of "prospering enterprise" strategy. Meanwhile, as a member of society, social responsibility Yaohua Group always bear in mind, do not forget to use the results of operations to return to the community. Laiwu Vocational and Technical College to help students from poor families to complete their studies, the company donated specifically for the college set up a "Yaohua fund."


A national brand, Yao China style, the company adhering to the "diligent, Cautious, for others, responsibility," the purpose of promoting family-oriented culture of the concept of "zero defect product quality, built a century Yaohua brand" for the principle of adhering to the modern enterprise management system, and strive to be completed within ten years with industry leading companies. And eventually establish their own pharmaceutical companies, for the benefit of the people, bring benefit to the common people.