The French Society of Radiology is a non-profit organisation governed by the law of 1901.

All radiologists who work for its development are volunteers. The French Society of Radiology is managed by a team of 14 employees headed by an Executive Director. It consists of 21 regional offices and 9 subspecialty societies.

The objective of the SFR is to develop expertise in all matters relating to imaging and to ensure the diffusion on its website during the JFR, or through written or electronic publications.

As the Owner Journal of the Radiology, the French Society of Radiology has entrusted Elsevier Masson with the French Society of Radiology organizes an annual convention held in Paris, "les Journées Française de Radiologie". It gives out grants and awards to encourage the development of research works in France and abroad. It publishes practice guidelines and educational resources.

The French Society of Radiology is affiliated with all European and International Radiological Institution, and has built a network of special relationships with many predominantly francophone Learned Societies.

SFR (French Society of Radiology) CERF (Teachers College of Radiology in France) and GREF (Group of Radiologists Teachers of French Expression) decided to combine their international actions within the same structure. Synergy, coordination and efficiency are essential as the diversity of actions is important. The international relations of the SFR page site will quickly evolve, also direct links to the websites of the CERF and GREF, the same format will change: the list of countries with which the French Radiology maintains relations will appear, and for each countries, actions and projects will be presented.

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