We Always Cherish Your Health Founded in 1987, Senteq’s history begins with a group of professional tailors in Tainan, Taiwan, producing quality neoprene products to meets various customer demands from worldwide.

Through years of experience, its practiced sewing techniques and meticulous quality control on every single procedure of productions making it become one of the most reliable companies in neoprene industry in Taiwan. Senteq exerts its best efforts to expand its main products from neoprene sport and medical protections to comprehensive daily healthcare products. A team of R&D specialists plays a vital role in enhancing its competitiveness. Our goal is to provide customers with top quality products and we will always work together to develop products which are more sophisticated and user-friendly.

Senteq’s production facilities cover 3,300 square meters and have predominant location and convenient transportation. The company is upbeat about coming year’s export performance. Our optimism is based on the fact our production capacity is fully utilized. At present, the main market for Senteq products is America, Europe, Middle East and Japan. The growth of Senteq sales is steady on all markets. Moreover, the company has built its core product competence around the areas of neoprene supports. In addition to design and manufacturing capabilities, Senteq’s strategy is entirely customer driven.

To meet the customers’ needs, Senteq utilizes the most cost effective and most suitable materials. Looking to the future, Senteq will keep on introducing and developing new products to our customers and play a more influential role as a responsible manufacturer in this neoprene industry.