About us SDIX is a wholly owned subsidiary of OriGene Technologies, specializing in high quality development and manufacturing. The OriGene/SDIX antibody collection includes over 10,000 antibodies with options for large scale production in support of diagnostic reagent manufacturing such as antibodies to Troponin I, Strep A, CRP, Apo A1, Apo B, Immunoglobulins, HPT, Alb, Micro-albumin and Calibrators. For IHC applications, UltraMAB® CE Marked antibodies are the only class of antibodies validated for mono-specificity. Services include: Proprietary antibody development against membrane targets, large-scale monoclonal antibody (ascites and in vitro) production, polyclonal antibody development, recombinant antibody optimization and long-term supply of goat, sheep, rabbit, mice, rat, guinea pig, and chicken antisera and purified antibodies.