Company Introduction First and only to apply the fermentation processing technology to mass produce Hyaluronic Acid in Taiwan. Since the establishment of SciVision Biotech Inc. in 2001, the development of the company is stable and fast because of the collaboration between professional research and development team and precise high-tech equipment. We have a pilot factory for the mass production of Hyaluronic Acid that complies with the cGMP regulations to devote our efforts in the R&D, production and marketing of pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronic Acid (HA) material and its related products. Based on gene transfer technology, we apply the microbial fermentation method to produce pure, safe and high molecular pharmaceutical grade HA with excellent quality. Granted with the “Leading Innovative Product Research and Development Program” for Medical Grade Hyaluronic Acid by the Ministry of Economic Affairs on December 2003 has confirmed our leading position in the R&D and technology of pharmaceutical grade HA. Thus we started to expand gradually and transformed ourselves from an R&D center to mass production manufacture of high quality HA. Currently, we are the only manufacturer with HA fermentation technology in Taiwan. Additionally, we have invested 200 million dollars on the factory and fully automatic production line. Our equipment ranging from fermentation tanks to purification equipment all complies with the cGMP standard. This large-scale investment in R&D and factory serves as a significant indicator. We have mature and stable pharmaceutical grade HA mass production technology. The equipment of producing HA medical raw materials (Such as Hya-Dermis Soft Tissue Augmentation Device and Hya-Joint Synovial Fluid Supplement) has become completed. At this stage, our task is to integrate the marketing, and promote global marketing through strict quality control. In the area of Parentage DNA testing research, we are the first TAF certified laboratory in 2003 and become the first TAF certified Parentage testing lab that complies with the ISO/IEC17025 guideline.