Company Profile Pain therapy, rehabilitation & medical wellness From the beginning, the focal point of schwa-medico's aspirations has been to design and develop products which enhance the quality of life for its customers. It was in 1975 that Bernd Kreutner opened a small office with just one assistant. It was, and continues to be, his vision to provide his customers with medical/technological products precisely adapted to the needs of the patient. One of the main thrusts of early corporate activities was the development and distribution of a non-medication based pain relief instrument which is also known as TENS. TENS based therapy quickly established itself in clinics and doctors' surgeries and became an increasingly influential tool in treatment for the relief of pain. On account of its impressive track record, this type of therapy has become an integral part of modern medicine. schwa-medico has continued to grow over the years with the launch of a series of innovative products which have been developed in collaboration with experienced physicians and scientists for the various fields of medicine. Today the range of products has extended far beyond the original pain therapy instruments and acupuncture requirements: Ultrasonic , low level laser , biofeedback devices in addition to the instruments for muscle stimulation are all used in the most diverse of health-care applications. Other innovative products specifically designed for the increasingly important wellness and rehabilitation market are in the course of development. For many years schwa-medico has been recognised as a global player in the medical/technological marketplace. A network of service offices and subsidiaries located in Germany and Europe underpin the corporate philosophy of providing domestic and international customers and business partners with on-the-spot professional support. Since 1995 the manufacturing of transformers has formed an important, secondary corporate division and provides employment for a staff of thirty in the town of Laubach. schwa-medico products: Medical wellness systems Electrotherapy (TENS, muscle stimulators, incontinence units) Electrotherapy accessories (electrodes and probes) Laser (low level therapy laser) Ultrasound therapy units Acupuncture needles and supplies Radiofrequency lesion generator and accessories Intelligent crutches for partial weight bearing (PIERENSTEP) Biofeedback units Vibration plates Times change – we are changing too Much has changed and much has improved in the field of medicine during the last century. But life in the new millennium has become ever more hectic and stressful. Medical wellness , understood as targeted prevention, healing and alleviation of illnesses can only be sustainable and success-promising as long as it is integrated in a health promoting everyday lifestyle. We offer performance in the form of treatment concepts in the field of relaxation, massage and biofeedback. All concepts represent the ideal supplement to the other services provided by the practice and are designed to strengthen the patient bonding element. These concepts enable the physician or physiotherapist to satisfy the needs of the patients for innovative and effective relaxation treatment.