In 1987 Schulze & Böhm Elektrotechnische Vertriebs GmbH has been founded by Andreas Schulze and Uwe Böhm in order to develop dermatologic as well as cosmetic exposure devices. In 1989 in cooperation with the University Dermatologic Clinic in Cologne, under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Gustav Mahrle, the isodosis procedure has been developed. It is a completely new method to measure out the exact dosage UV exposure with the help of very high tech computer software.

In 1990 the first computer controlled medisun UV cabin with isodosis went into series. Soon other cabin types followed which were successfully installed in many dermatological practices and clinics. In 1995 Schulze & Böhm expanded the program and offered the complete planning and installation of balneo-photo-therapy departments. In 1996 the first medisun UVA1 high dose therapy bed for the treatment of neurodermatosis has been developed. Until today more than 70 computer controlled UVA1 therapy beds have been installed and successfully operated. In 1998 we received the certification for medical devices in accordance with ISO 9002. In 2000 we have supplemented our product range with the world-wide first UVA1 hand and foot system medisun HF-8001. With the help of this device both hands and feet can be treated computer controlled by the same time. 2002 our new professional series of uv-cabins medisun 2800 and medisun 6311 with PC- or mc-control was presented. The advantages of these systems are maximum safety, ergonomical software for high precision dosage, long life and easy operating. 2003 we could introduce the new series of uv-cabins medisun 2800LC, which is distinguished by modern technology and very low prices.

The most economic decision. 2003 successful recertification according EN ISO 13488 for medical devices In 2004 we offer the new developed skintest and MED-system medisun Gigatest 1 for a low price. The result is no more dangerous overdosing and no more inefective underdosing uv-treatments. 2004 new products for home-treatment and wellness. 17 years of research and development of innovative systems for dermatologists have made Schulze & Böhm to one of the leaders in medical uv-technology. In cooperation with qualified partners we are able to offer our products all over the world. Our targets in furure are to offer best quality and innovations for very reasonable prices. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you desire more information about our products.