Company Profile Schröder Spezialglas As an expert for special glass, prototype production and special parts,Schröder Spezialglas GmbH focuses on the processing of various glass types, quartz and Macor® glass ceramics into highly accurate, technically sophisticated components. Customers who order components made of various high-tech materials from us come from nearly all the important industry areas. We supply companies from the aviation, automotive supply, medical technology, laser, electronics and plant construction industries, as well as research facilities and universities. SchröderSpezialglas GmbH is able to produce nearly any desired geometry from many different materials by highly specialised production methods. We have many technical procedures available for this, such as CNC-milling, CNC-turning, bending, polishing, drilling, water-jet cutting,Laser cutting,sandblasting and thermal or chemical pre-tensioning. Beyond strictly contracted production, EuropTec Spezialglas offers its customers comprehensive know-how in the areas of material selection and quality assurance as well.