Scharlab... at your service Scharlab SL from its humble beginnings in 1949 as a distributor of reagents for the German company Dr. Theodor Schuchardt, has grown to what it is today, an internationally recognised brand and company, manufacturing its own "Scharlau" brand of more than 2000 laboratory chemicals and distributing them worldwide. Our factories are responsible for the production of the Scharlau brand of laboratory chemicals and culture media for microbiology. 75% of Scharlau's production is attributable to laboratory chemicals, 12% to dehydrated culture media and the remaining 13% to prepared culture media. These products are used regularly by more than 4,000 companies in Spain and are also to over 100 countries. Sales continue to rise with an ever-increasing percentage of production being destined for export. Scharlau is establishing itself worldwide as a recognisable quality brand. Scharlau has achieved this success by being fully committed to innovation, professionalism, and maintaining a highly motivated workforce. This ethos is reflected in all of the company's processes from research and development right through to delivery of the end product. Our investment in technology means we can offer high quality at competitive prices making ours the brand of choice for an ever growing clientele. We specialise particularly in high purity solvents, multi-purpose solvents, solvents in returnable containers, volumetric solutions and AA standards - and these are but a few of the 2,000 plus products in the Scharlab portfolio. Scharlab S.L. not only manufactures, but also distributes products of other manufacturers of laboratory equipment and supplies in Spain. Scharlab's product portfolio consists of six categories: Chemical Reagents Microbiology Chromatography General laboratory supplies Health and Safety supplies Laboratory Equipment The common denominator for all these products is their quality and competitive prices. We are committed to supplying the best brands available so that you are guaranteed optimum results in your daily laboratory work. We also aim to provide outstanding service. Pharmaceutical laboratories, chemical and petrochemical companies, food manufacturers, universities and research centres, numbered amongst our 4,000 plus customers can attest to this. All our customers receive personal and professional attention and wherever possible we tailor our services to particular customer needs such as: storage of goods, open orders and made to order products. Many of our innovations have been driven by customers' requests. In addition, we provide solutions for waste management and disposal of chemicals and we also offer a Technical Repair Service, under the SETER name. Our transport meets all safety regulations and orders of products in stock can be supplied same day. Scharlab's headquarters, 25 km from Barcelona in Sentmenat, is ideally situated to deliver fast and effectively by road, sea and air. Within Spain we ship same day and deliver within 24 to 48hrs. Scharlab makes it easy to place orders and to simplify this process further we've made available in our online catalogue and a toll-free phone number through which orders can be placed and queries answered. The team at Scharlab S.L. is committed to providing outstanding quality, service and price, and by working together we believe we can help you to achieve your goals also.