Schaerer Medical AG Schaerer Medical is a leading producer of mobile operating tables, general and specific surgical accessories. With a long tradition, the Swiss company has been developing high-class operating tables since 1892. The operating tables are produced in Switzerland and distributed on a global scale. Schaerer products stand for highest precision, quality and long-life cycle. Being a medium sized company, Schaerer Medical is able to flexibly react to specific customer requirements. In consequence, the company can offer individual solutions for any area of surgical application.

In cooperation with leading surgeons and personalities of the medical sector, the products of Schaerer Medical are continuously refined. This approach has been an important part of the Schaerer brand and the company’s culture since its foundation in 1892. At its beginning, Schaerer closely worked with Professor Emil Theodor Kocher, the first surgeon who won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1909. Together with Kocher, many innovative devices and operating instruments were developed and achieved worldwide reputation. Until today, Schaerer Medical is a partner of the medical sciences and develops its products in close cooperation with leading surgeons. After some difficult years, when Schaerer struggled with strain on liquidity despite of full order books, an investor took over the company in 2008. Schaerer Medical was re-capitalized and successfully re-organised. Parallel to that, Schaerer invested in product development and quality management. The success of these measures show in increasing sales figures.

Since 12 months, the company has shown continuous growth and the number of employees has risen within this period. Thanks to the financial certainty, Schaerer Medical is now able to invest into the development of innovative products and to recapture its position among the world’s leading producers of medical technology. Schaerer Medical organises the global sales of its products through a network of distributors in more than 90 countries. In Switzerland, Scharerer Medical has a direct sales organisation. The customer can rely on selected service partners of Schaerer Medical in each country. Sales and service partners are regularly trained by Schaerer Medical’s employees in this way guaranteeing reliable service on site.