SanylegS.r.l. is a manufacturer ofmedical compression stockings. Sanyleg is synonymous of elegance, comfort and - above all - well-being. This 100% Italian brand offers a full line of products designed for those who care about their leg health but who don't want to have to sacrifice beauty. Products are scrutinised in almost craftsmanship-like detail, starting with the selection of prime raw materials.

Sanyleg brings you a full range of hosiery, pantyhose, knee highs and therapeutic products that offer various degrees of compression: garments that guarantee the perfect fit that expert engineers and the right machinery can achieve.

Over 50 years in hosiery and pantyhose production has provided Sanyleg with the required experience to deliver the consistent and uncompromising quality for which its entire range is known. Each stage of the production process is performed in Italy. Sanyleg offers a wide range of products, from everyday-wear to medical items, not just dedicated to women: the unisex cotton line comprises hosiery and knee highs that are made with the same care and thoroughness that makes Sanyleg stand out above the rest.