About Us Sanctuary Health Sdn Bhd Description Sanctuary Health is a Malaysian-incorporated company founded in 2002. Located in the heart of natural rubber supply, we are strategically positioned with direct access to natural rubber, giving us a competitive edge which enables us to produce cost effective and superior quality products. Our core focus is the manufacture of rubber-based resistance training products under the Sanctband label, and dental dam under the SANCTUARY name, both of which are our own brands. Sanctband…better in every way This is our range of superior quality latex resistance training products. Used for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, fitness and strength training, the products are made using Sanctech and are the first powder free low protein products in its range. Sanctband carries the following products: Resistive bands Resistive Tubings Loop Bands Super Loop Bands Gym Balls Hand Exercisers Balance Cushions SANCTUARY Made from natural rubber latex material, SANCTUARY dental dams are powder free and low in protein. They are available in various gauges and presented as Mint or unflavoured options.