Company Profile About us Samyang group’s pharmaceutical business unit was spun off and established as Samyang Biopharmaceutical Corporation Ltd: a fully owned subsidiary of Samyang Holdings, on November 1, 2012.The pharmaceutical business is one of the three important growth pillars of Samyang Holdings with chemical and food divisions. Samyang entered the pharmaceutical business in 1995 and has focused all its research and development efforts to develop medical devices such as synthetic absorbable sutures used for surgical wound closure. Samyang synthetic absorbable sutures are now exported to almost all major countries in the world. Samyang Biopharm aims at becoming a leading specialty pharmaceutical company with priority focus on oncology and relatedailments. Currently Samyang Biopharm invests about 30% of its sales on R&D and is recognized by the Korean government as one of few innovative pharmaceutical firms. In line with Samyang Biopharm’s dedication to develop new drugs, We began construction of an ultra-modern R&D center at Pangyo Technovalley. This new facility will be completed by 2014 and become an important stepping stone for Samyang Biopharm’s ambition to become internationally acknowledged R&D based pharmaceutical company. Samyang Biopharm dedicates itself to develop drugs and medical devices that help alleviate pain, treat disease and promote good health for all. We dedicate also to become an innovative and trusted company that creates new value and promote talent.